Cleaning and disinfection of water storage facilities

According to Ministry of Health regulations, drinking water storage facilities, found in local authorities and high-rise buildings, must undergo periodic cleaning and disinfecting to maintain the health of its users.

PowerJet provides a comprehensive solution including cleaning and disinfection of any scope, in any location, from residential buildings to large regional governments. Our service includes regularly testing water samples at an authorized laboratory for certification of compliance with Ministry of Health requirements. 

Leaders in Israel in cleaning and disinfection of water systems

PowerJet is the premier company in Israel for cleaning and disinfection of water storage facilities. The company owns all the necessary equipment and holds the required certifications. Our customers include water corporations and local governments, hospitals, army bases, and more.

Maintaining health standards required by law

Israel has thousands of water storage facilities of all kinds, from massive reservoirs maintained by corporations and local governments, to drinking water storage facilities and tanks of all sizes in hotels, hospitals, high-rise residential and office buildings, commercial centers, industrial plants, and other sites.

According to Ministry of Health regulations, water supply systems must be cleaned routinely once a year by a certified professional to ensure user health. Following the treatment, water samples must be sent to an authorized laboratory to certify compliance with required standards.

PowerJet offers solutions for all types of water storage systems, including scaffolding work to reach heights, cleaning down to the bottom, the pipes, and the ladder, removing all residues, and pumping.

Our services include taking water samples and sending them to the lab (in coordination with the customer). We are also certified to provide Ministry of Health approval for cleaning with HTH capsules, as is customary in Mekorot.

All water storage facility solutions

  • Underground and open drinking water storage facilities
  • Drinking water facilities in residential buildings, factories, public buildings and institutions
  • Emergency tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Irrigation reservoirs
  • National Water Carrier of Israel
  • Rainwater storage of all sizes