Advanced equipment

Advanced all-purpose equipment

PowerJet has a wide range of advanced and sophisticated equipment suitable for any task, including special vehicles, such as:

  • All-terrain trucks equipped with generators, steam cleaners, and hoses for independent work
  • Trailer with steam cleaner; can be operated as an independent unit or with the truck
  • High-pressure cleaners, diesel engine-operated, with an output of 200 bar; can supply 45 liters per minute at temperatures up to140°C
  • A range of “helicopter” devices to clean wide surfaces. The “helicopter” hovers over the surface, and applies water pressure to cover a wide surface in a short time. The water is heated up to 100°C, with the addition of detergents
  • High-pressure rotating nozzles to remove posters and handbills from walls, fences, and poles, without damaging the surface
  • Special nozzles for clean, residue-free removal of graffiti and spray paint on walls with water pressure and sand. Special chemicals for removal can also be added.
  • A range of high -pressure water guns of all sizes, angles and heights for highly efficient and effective cleaning
  • A range of submersible water pumps of all sizes
  • Supplemental equipment: a range of cleaning solutions including street sweepers and vehicle-based cleaning machines; the perfect solution for parking lots, paths, sidewalks, narrow spaces, and more.