Walls, buildings, and monuments

PowerJet removes graffiti, handbills, and grime from external walls of public buildings, hotels, commercial centers, fences, and any surface that needs rejuvenation, anywhere and at any height.

We also offer solutions for renewal of monuments, memorial walls, gravestones, and fountains, which require delicate treatment in order to revert to the original condition.

The company provides comprehensive cleaning services for train and vehicle tunnels with no need for prolonged tunnel closure, as well as internal and external cleaning and rejuvenation of buildings after fires.

PowerJet cleans walls, building facades, and fences from grime, graffiti, and glued-on handbills and posters. If necessary, we use sand to remove especially difficult layers of paint and dirt. We also clean and renew tombs and monuments, with the utmost sensitivity and delicate work required to prevent damage to original surfaces.

  • Walls and building facades: public buildings, hotels, commercial centers, buildings before painting and external renovation
  • Removal of posters and handbills
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Removal of years of accumulated grime, grease, and paint
  • Jerusalem stone, plaster, and any exterior wall covering .
  • Vehicle and train tunnels: wash, clean and remove grime from all surfaces
  • Fire damage restoration of buildings’ interior and exterior
  • Cleaning and renewal of monuments, gravestones, memorial walls, memorial sites, and sculptures